Is your visual communications system ready for the global fast food market?

Apr 04, 2013 | Articles

The global fast food marketplace is experiencing incredible growth, which makes the application of a targeted visual communications system key for survival and relevance in this highly lucrative and competitive economic segment.

A visual communications system is critical in capturing your customer’s attention. At its very core, visual communications is the use of images to effectively communicate an idea - to educate, inform and direct your customer with subliminal messaging.

Every sign, point-of-purchase display, menu board or graphical element is crucial in communicating with your customers, from entrance to exit. A complete visual communications system – branding, displays and fixtures, menu boards and graphics - will not only build and project your image, but can also increase your sales.

If your fast food chain does not currently support a visual communications system, you might want to consider the following statistics:

It’s been estimated that in 2014, the global fast food market will be valued at an astounding $239 billion dollars – that’s an almost 20% increase from just five years ago.*

The market is forecast to handle a volume of 248 billion transactions, which means a lot of discerning eyes will be focused on your messaging – or the lack of it.

Fast Food Visual Communication

Will you be ready to entice and retain the billions of potential customers navigating through a very crowded fast food market?

Visual communications systems, in addition to accurately representing your brand, are an important part of communicating your pricing, products and promotions to your valued customers. Examples include custom menu displays, freestanding or countertop signage and the latest technology - digital menu boards. Thought of as the “silent sales person,” they’re always providing your targeted marketing message when you’re busy running the day-to-day operations of the business. Digital menu boards also provide unlimited marketing real estate.

By combining unique, custom displays with cutting-edge graphics, you’ll create a system that acts as a powerful visual marketing tool. This allows you to take advantage of every opportunity to visually entice your average customer and transform them into return customers.

There’s no greater commitment your business can make than to adopt a targeted, visual communications system as the market continues to expand. Reinvesting in your business will allow you to stand out from the crowd and capture your piece of the global fast food market.

Are you ready?

*Research and Markets: Fast Food Global Industry Guide, 2011,

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